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RINZAI : Master of the Irrational OSHO <7>


RINZAI : Master of the Irrational Zen Discourse Series <7>
OSHO (Author) September 1989 Publisher: Rebel Pub. House Hardcover: 191 pages Language: English

★★★★★ Osho最後のZENシリーズ目次 

1)Maneesha, there are a few essential things which make Zen absolutely different from any religion, any sect, any kind of discipline, teaching. The most important of these essentials is that Zen is a revolution. All other religions are servants to the vested interests.

The rich people and the powerful people, the politicians, have dominated all the religions. The priests have been nothing but servants to these criminals. It is such a worldwide conspiracy that no one recognizes it. It is so obvious and so simple that we are from the very beginning, from our very childhood, being programmed.

This programming is done with all the good intentions in the world. The parents love you, but their love is as unconscious as they are. The parents want you to follow the same path as they and their forefathers have followed. Neither have they come to know the truth, nor have their forefathers. They just go on teaching old words to the small children, who are absolutely in a helpless situation.

The children cannot prevent them. Firstly, they are dependent on the parents for food, for clothing - for their whole livelihood. And secondly, they do not know what is being done to them. Taking them to the temples, to the mosques, to the churches, to the synagogues... they feel happy. They don't know that they are being enslaved in a very subtle way. They rejoice because all their parents, their neighborhood, their society rejoices. They don't even question what is being put into their minds.

They had come with a clean slate, but every moment something is being written on the clean slate.

The universities are slaves, the colleges are slaves - because they depend for their existence on the government money. So the politicians dominate.... p62

2)Rinzai is saying, "If anything Buddha says" - even Buddha, and he is a follower of Buddha - "even if Buddha says something which does not conform with my experience, I am going to contradict him."

This has been Zen's tradition, a very living tradition. They will worship Buddha, they will offer songs and flowers to Buddha's statue, but as far as their experience is concerned, if Buddha goes against it, then they don't care. They trust their own consciousness, and if it comes to this point, they will have to contradict even Gautam Buddha.

This, ordinary people cannot understand. They think that either you worship Buddha, or you don't.

But Rinzai is saying that you can love even though you may not agree.

Buddha is a personality really worth loving. No other man of that grandeur has walked on the earth - but that does not mean that he is infallible. He committed many mistakes, and the man of experience will expose him although he follows him and loves him, respects him, has tremendous gratitude. That does not mean that anything that is not right should be overlooked.

Rinzai is saying,


Zen does not want anybody to be a believer. Either experience or just go home. Except experience, no belief is going to help.

So those who have followed Zen masters were not followers, they were fellow travelers. They were rejoicing in the master's enlightenment. They were drinking as much of his wisdom as possible, and they were finding the path so that they could also experience the same lightning experience which dissolves all questions, all answers, and leaves you simply innocent, centered - eternity in your hands. But they were not followers, and this is very difficult for the ordinary masses to understand. p70

3)But Zen is not interested in political power. It has a totally different kind of power - the power of love.

That does not reduce you into a slave, into a shadow, but raises you up to the same state of being in which the master is.

Buddha is reported to have said, "I will not be satisfied unless all those who have been with me become buddhas. Less than that will not satisfy me. If you want me to rejoice and celebrate, then don't waste time - become buddhas." This is a very human, very respectful approach. And another very important thing he says....

Before I say it... there was one important thinker in India, Mahatma Bhagwandin. Only two persons were known as Mahatma, Mahatma Gandhi and Mahatma Bhagwandin. Mahatma Gandhi was a politician; all his gestures were just to catch voters. But Mahatma Bhagwandin was an independent thinker. It was just coincidence, but I used to meet him once in a while in some conference or somewhere. He loved me, and the day he died I was present in Nagpur. Just by coincidence, I had been coming from a lecture tour, from Chaanda and Wardha, to Nagpur, and just as I was going into Nagpur University to speak, somebody told me that Mahatma Bhagwandin was on the verge of death. So I dropped the lecture and I went to see him.

He had become absolutely a skeleton. He held my hand and he told me, "It is good that you have come, and so unexpected. Just one thing I always wanted to say to you and I have never said it.

Now there is not much time, I should say it. You will have to live a life of persecution. You will be condemned by millions, because whatever you say goes against the mass mind. But," he said, "don't change your path. Whatever happens - even if crucifixion happens it does not matter. What matters is that truth should be proclaimed."

Rinzai is saying that only when these old masters had been driven out did their worth become recognized. When the masses had stoned them, thrown them out of the crowd, spread all kinds of lies and rumors about them, only then were they recognized. p72

4)Rinzai is making a very pregnant statement. If you are accepted everywhere, respected everywhere, it simply means you are good for nothing. It simply means that you are a cunning diplomat, that you go on saying things that appeal to people, that you never say anything that may hurt the mass mind, the retarded people. You don't speak from your heart and your experience, you simply look at the people and you speak what they want to hear.

That's what your priests and mahatmas are doing. Whatever you want to hear they repeat like parrots. It is a very vicious circle. You wanted to hear it; they repeated it. They became very respectable to you because they have confirmed your lie as a truth, they have helped your consolation. You will raise them into great mahatmas and saints. But saints have never been rebellious.

I have to make it clear that all your saints were diplomats, clever and cunning. Whatever you wanted they did. They confirmed your beliefs, howsoever stupid, and they became great in your eyes.

The really great are those whom you have crucified. Their fault was that they did not console you; they simply stated the fact, the truth. That truth is a lion's roar.


The ordinary, retarded humanity I call retarded because it has been found after the first world war...

At that time the psychologists had discovered how to measure intelligence. So they measured the intelligence of soldiers and they were surprised: they were all below fourteen percent. You can have one hundred percent intelligence; fourteen percent is a very retarded intelligence.

The speaker of the Indian parliament, Lok Sabha, was angry with my statement when I said that all these politicians are retarded. He wrote a letter to me saying, "You have insulted the parliament.

You will have to answer, otherwise legal action can be taken against you."

I told Neelam, my secretary, to write an answer to the speaker, to whatever questions he has asked.

In those answers, as a preface, I told her to write that I am ready to bring a group of psychoanalysts to the parliament to check the intelligence of the members "... and if it is proved that it is below fourteen percent, you all will have to resign. If it is proved that it is not the truth, they have an average of above fourteen percent, I am ready to suffer any punishment for it.

"A legal judgment will not be decisive. The only way to prove whether I am right or wrong is first to take a psychological test of all the Lok Sabha members. Either they will all have to resign, including you, or I am ready for any punishment. There is no need to go to the court; the Lok Sabha itself can decide any punishment. I am perfectly ready for it."

He became silent, and I have been waiting for almost two years now. He saw the point, that I will create trouble. Those politicians are chosen by the ordinary masses; they represent the ordinary.

They are not great intellectuals, intelligentsia.

But he must have looked at the situation. He knows in this parliament people throw shoes at each other in argument, they beat people, they have to be dragged by police officers out of the parliament house. All their actions prove that they are retarded people, but clever enough to persuade the masses, because the masses are even lower.

But his silence is great. His silence proves he understood the point - that it will be a worldwide uproar if the whole parliament is proved to be retarded. And there is every possibility... He knows what goes on happening every day in the parliament.p73

to be continued

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