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ISAN: No Footprints in the Blue Sky OSHO <2>

ISAN: No Footprints in the Blue Sky <2>
OSHO (Author) October 1988 Publisher: Rebel Pub. House Hardcover: 185 pages Language: English


1)And I accept the idea. A society should live... of course everybody cannot be a monk unless my strategy is followed. And it is a little complicated to remain a witness in your ordinary life. It is easier to be a witness if you live in a monastery, or if you are a monk and you don't deal with ordinary life. P8

2)Even though he has become enlightened, he has to give roots to his enlightenment. Otherwise, it will remain only a faraway glimpse, soon forgotten, or maybe remembered only as an echo, miles away. Now you should water carefully the sudden flowering within you. Now you should keep watch around the clock that your treasure is increasing, that your inner sky is spreading wider and wider, that your wings are growing, that the time for the ultimate flight of the dewdrop to the ocean is coming closer.p12

3)After sudden enlightenment, a certain cultivation is needed because the sudden can become a glimpse. Your sleepiness is so deep, your unconsciousness is so vast that a sudden glimpse, a lightning... and again dark clouds have taken over. That beautiful moment will be remembered by you; you will start even doubting it: "Did it happen or did I imagine it? Was it a reality or a dream?"p34

4)A man of enlightenment who has come to an agreement with the mind and the body... which happens almost simultaneously, because the body follows the mind. As the mind accepts enlightenment, the body accepts it also - it happens simultaneously. Once it has happened, "There is not a single thing," Isan says, "to be abandoned in life." p43

5)If you are enlightened, then there is no duality of this world and that world, of a lower world and a higher world, of a material world and a sacred and holy world. In the moment of perfect and full enlightenment, THERE IS NOT A BIT OF DUST. The mirror is so clean it reflects the whole in its totality. You become the truth, you become the beauty, you become the divine. There is not anything other than your vaster self. You lose your smaller self into the oceanic self, into the self which is cosmic. Who is there to abandon what? One simply enters into the dance and disappears. p44

6)You have to bring enlightenment to your consciousness, and make it evident to the mind that it is a far better way of living. The body is always functioning naturally; only the mind sometimes tries to master the body. That's what all the religions have been telling you. All the scriptures are full of teachings on how to force the body into a certain discipline. Celibacy is a mind idea, the body knows nothing of it. And the mind cannot manage it, so the body goes into a repression, functions abnormally, becomes perverted. The body is very innocent. It is the mind - the priest, the philosopher, the educator - which tries to interfere in everything. p47

7)Maneesha, it is impossible. Enlightenment has to be first. As an experience mind can understand it, and seeing its gracefulness in action can become a friend to it. But before enlightenment mind can only believe, it cannot become a friend.

Mind can only believe that there is enlightenment. At the most the belief is possible - but belief is of no use. The mind has to experience enlightenment in function, not as a belief but as activity. p67

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