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Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment OSHO <5>


Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment<5>
Osho (著), Ma Deva Padma (イラスト), 1990/10 出版社 : Rebel Publishing House 言語 : 英語  ハードカバー : 224ページ

1)The earth is never without a few enlightened people; it needs search. And only a living master can give you a taste, only a real rose has fragrance. A plastic rose is a deception, and all the religions are relying on plastic roses, all their scriptures are plastic roses.

My effort is so totally different and diametrically opposite to all the founders of religions, that there is no way to compare me with anybody. I am a majority of a single individual, and I want all of you to be a majority of single individuals.

You are enough unto yourself. You don't need anything. You need only a deep inner search. You need only become a meditative genius.  p56

2)Come back, but come as a buddha, silently, peacefully, with great grace. Just sit down for a few moments to recollect, to remember the golden path that you have traveled. Watch. The buddha is coming closer and closer every day. He is becoming a reality in your life, not just an idea.

This I call:Straight to the point of enlightenment!  p124

3)The same is the situation in Japan. You have been hearing me speak on Zen masters; that creates a great desire in you to go to Japan. But don't go to Japan, you will be frustrated.

While I am speaking on Zen masters, I am speaking in a way which is absolutely contemporary; you can understand it. They are still speaking the language of the past.

It is a calamity that the so-called religious people get caught up in a certain moment in history. Then they don't progress from that place. The Buddhists are caught up with Gautam Buddha, twenty-five centuries back. Everything has changed, but their ideology remains twenty-five centuries old. It does not ring bells in your heart, hence you cannot feel at home.

Never think for a moment that what I am saying about Zen has been said by the Zen masters themselves. I am constantly improving, improvising. With me religion is not something static. It is an evolutionary process. It grows like a tree, hundreds of feet high, it moves like a river, thousands of miles; not for a single moment does the movement stop. Since eternity rivers have been moving and moving and moving.

I am not a pond; and when you go to Japan you will find ponds. I make every effort to make the ponds flow like a river. A pond knows nothing but death; it is dying every moment, the water is evaporating. Soon there will be just mud left.

A river is always alive, singing and dancing, and moving into the unknown territories without any map, without any guidance, without a guide - just trusting in existence. It knows that the ocean has to be somewhere. "If the thirst for the ocean is in me, that is enough proof, enough evidence that somewhere the ocean is waiting for me. He has called me, otherwise why this thirst, why this longing to meet with the unlimited?" Your thirst is a proof, an argument, a valid evidence.

With me, nothing is static. That creates a puzzle in many static minds, because whatever I have said yesterday was yesterday. Today I am absolutely fresh and new. Even I don't know what I am going to say to you. When you hear it, I will also hear it. P129


to be continued 

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