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The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart OSHO <2>

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The Buddha: The Emptiness of the Heart<2>
Osho (著), 1989/07  出版社 : Osho Intl  言語 : 英語  ハードカバー


1)Have you ever observed? -- all the religions teach that you should liberate yourself from misery, from sin. You should earn virtue so that you can make a place in paradise. "You" are the center of all the religions -- but not of Zen.

All the religions say, "Liberate yourself from your attachments." Only Zen has the strange courage to say, "Liberate yourself from yourself!" Liberating yourself from your attachments is child's play. The real, authentic seeker finally liberates himself not only from other things but even from himself. He drops the very idea that 'I am'. p13

2)Zen is not against the world. That is one more of its rebellious attitudes against all religions. All religions somehow condemn the world. All religions praise those who have renounced the world, those who have gone away from it, renouncing the wife, the children, the home.

Somebody has some day to do deep research into how many millions of people have left the world in the name of religion and caused to suffer small children, old parents, wives and husbands; who have disturbed the life of many in the name of religion. And do you think these people have found anything? They have simply created many prostitutes, many orphanages, many poor old people, dying without food or medicine. And what have they gained? Not a single one of them has attained to buddhahood.

Zen is very clear and straightforward about everything. It is not a question of renouncing the world; the question is of renouncing your mind. p37

3)I am talking about Zen simply to make the point that all religions are now out of date.

Zen has no clingings with the past. It is not a by-product of the past, but rather an opening towards the future. I am not unnecessarily wasting my time and your time. It is not just by chance that I have chosen to speak on Zen.

We have come to a point of departure from the society in which we have lived, a moment of tremendous departure for consciousness. The way man has felt up to now has not been healthy. The way societies have structured themselves has been very sick. The whole civilization is almost non-existential.p64

4)Zen's interest is not in gods, not in paradises. Its interest is absolutely life, known in its eternity, with all its joys and celebrations. It is a religion of celebration. It is not sad, serious. Because it is not going to achieve anything, it cannot fail. Its victory is absolutely certain because what it is seeking is already there within you. It is everybody's life source. Combined, it becomes the life source of the whole universe. We are just small branches coming out of the universal source.

The moment you realize your universality, all your anxieties appear to be so trivial, so tiny... just the very realization of your eternity makes them disappear, they become shadows. The moment you realize your life source, they lose their reality. In other words your anxieties, your problems and your anguish are real if you don't know yourself. That is your life, if you don't know your life source. p176

5)The enlightened person is not violent. And to make somebody a disciple, according to me, is a very subtle violence. You are destroying that person's individuality. You are taking his freedom in your hands.

In this place everybody is an individual; nobody is superior and nobody is inferior. This is a gathering of people who are in love, of people who are in an inquiry for truth. This kind of gathering has disappeared from the world. You are living these moments here with me -- it is almost the same climate as Gautam Buddha created, the same climate as Mahakashyapa created. It is a different air, it is an air where everybody's potential is respected, loved. Where everybody's freedom is the ultimate value. P221

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