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Turning In OSHO <2>

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Turning In<2>
Osho (著), 1989/01 出版社 : Osho Intl (英語) ハードカバー 

1)The question is, is enlightenment something to be achieved, desired, longed for? If so, then there must be practices, disciplines, rituals, and the whole paraphernalia. And millions of people have gone astray in search of enlightenment. Buddha is the first human being who has said that everything is absolutely arbitrary because you need not go anywhere. Enlightenment is your very nature.

It is consciousness that you are built with; this house, this body is not you. And this mind also is not you. And there is not much problem to stand aside and watch the mind and its functioning, to stand aside and watch the gestures of the body. This watcher is your reality, your truth. It is already here, so don't go in search somewhere else. Whenever, wherever you find it, you will always find it here and now. Now is the time and here is the space. If you can be now here, you are a Gautam Buddha. p3 

2)Zen is very poetic, it says things not in syllogisms but in poetry. It is symbolic.

Socrates or Plato or Aristotle will talk in syllogisms, in logic. Their statements will be rational. Zen speaks through poetry. Its statements are indirect indications, fingers pointing to the moon - but the finger is not the moon.  p17

3)Zen is the only revolutionary religion in the world. All the other religions are traditional, orthodox, superstitious, fundamentally based on belief. Any religion that is based on belief is a fiction, because belief simply means a repressed doubt.

Zen is an exception: it does not believe in anything - not even in the scriptures, not even in the sutras of Gautam Buddha. Belief, as such, is denied completely. I agree with it, without any condition; that has been my own whole approach.

Truth has to be experienced, not believed. Once you believe in it you will never experience it.

Truth has to be searched for. Out of necessity, you have to doubt all the theories and ideologies propounded by the scriptures and others. If you don't doubt them, you will be in a sheer confusion. p161

4)Every child is born a buddha. Then slowly, slowly he starts imitating others; as time passes he forgets his simplicity, his buddhahood. He is lost in the crowd, which is a vast jungle in which he will meet all kinds of people but not a buddha. He will imitate all kinds of people and will not think for a single moment, "Is life just imitation?" And can imitation give you any joy, just being a carbon copy?

Unless you are original, simply yourself, you can never have joy enough to dance and sing, joy enough to be grateful to existence.

But every child is driven into conditioning. You should ask your conditioning what you are doing and why you are doing it. Why are you smoking? - just because others are smoking. Why, in a hot country, are you wearing a tie? - because every gentleman... p188

5)Reading OSHO is not becoming OSHO's follower. It des not needs same opinion philosofer.

6)Reading OSHO makes me becoming myself. And I notice my emptiness.

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