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The Original Man OSHO <2>

The Original Man<2>
OSHO (著)  1989/07  出版社 : Osho Intl (1989/7/1) (英語) ハードカバー


1) Enlightenment is the end of all problems. But if you cling to enlightenment, then you create a problem. Experience it and drop it. Don't carry it. You have experienced it, you have become it; now there is no need even to think about it.

Do you think in my silent nights and days I have ever thought that I'm enlightened? I don't remember, even for a single moment. It is just like you are a man - do you remember in twenty-four hours sometimes that you are a man and not a lion or a parrot or a rat? Neither do parrots think about it.

Once you are enlightened, what does it mean to be enlightened? It simply means all problems are dissolved.

But you can make a problem. Man has the capacity to make a problem where there is no problem at all.

It is just old habit - you can start thinking, is this true enlightenment or not? Is this lukewarm enlightenment or a hot potato? P48

2)So enlightenment has to be in a single blow; otherwise it will take an infinity of time. You cannot go slow, you cannot postpone it. You have to take the leap this very moment, because the next is never certain. Roads turn, and friends who are together become enemies. That which was possible this moment may not be possible the next moment.

The whole world is a chaos and in a mess. It is not only now that it is in a chaos, it has always been in a chaos, because so many millions of unconscious human beings are creating all kinds of dreams, projections, expectations, frustrations. The whole air is heavy with the clouds of unfulfilled hopes, incomplete desires. Even failures in success: knowing that you have achieved the goal that you had determined, you are still as ignorant and empty, inside, as you were before. P85

3)You need not become a buddha. You have just to be silent, to experience that which is already there. p181

4)When I read books of OSHO I read my mind. Who is the man who reading my mind is my consiousness.

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