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Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment OSHO <1>

Yakusan: Straight to the Point of Enlightenment<1>
Osho (著), Ma Deva Padma (イラスト), 1990/10 出版社 : Rebel Publishing House 言語 : 英語  ハードカバー : 224ページ


I am neither a savior nor a prophet.
I am simply a man amongst you.
I am not talking to you from a
high peak, from the point of view
that I know and you don't know.
I am talking to you man to man.
All that I am saying to you is that
there was a time when I was asleep,
just as you are asleep, and there is
nothing wrong in it. It is perfectly
okay with existenceーyou can
sleep for eternity;but it is not
good for you.
What you are seeing in your sleep
is only dreams, hallucinations. If
you want to know the reality and
its beauty you have to wake up.
And only you can do it,nobody
can help you in any way.
I can go on shouting till my last
breath. That will not help unless
you are ready to hear and be recep-
tive. And even if you hear, you are
receptive, then too you have to
walk the path from the circumfer-
ence of your life to the center of
your being. Nobody can do it on
your behalf.(fornt flap)

I teach the individual. Jesus tries to 
convince the masses; I don't care
about the masses at all. Religion
is the greatest creative art,
in which you create yourself again.
You become the womb
and you give birth from 
the mother's womb is only
once more. The birth from
the mother's womb is only
physical. You have to give
yourself a birth which is going to
bring your spirituality with all its
flowers, with all its mysteries, with
all its roses, with all its freedom,
its truth, its beauty, its godliness.
But you have to do it! (back flap)


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